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Keno Way Tickets

Despite the fact that keno has a high house edge (and, in turn, low odds for the player) it remains a perennial favorite among gamblers. The reasons for keno's popularity range from the fact that it's a relatively cheap way to gamble and there's a potentially big jackpot, to the fact that it's a fast game to play and a very easy game to understand.

Even the simplest game has rules and keno is no exception. A slot machine, considered by many the all-time easiest gambling game, has rules; 3-card poker, another no-brainer, has rules; and keno has a set of rules, as well. Mostly what you have to know when you play keno are the kinds of tickets you can bet with; there's not a huge selection but you should know what's out there, nonetheless.

The straight ticket is the easiest and least confusing way to play keno but for people who like a bit more of a challenge, the "way" ticket is the way to go. When you play a way ticket, you bet on groups of numbers - all on the same keno ticket. Serious keno players play way tickets because they believe it maximizes their chance of winning. The ticket is called a way ticket because when you pick groups of numbers it gives you more than one way to win.

Keno Way Tickets Give You More Ways to Win

A way ticket is a tad confusing but here's a simple explanation, comparing a straight ticket to a way ticket: If numbers 1 through 9 are your lucky numbers, you'd simply mark them off on a straight ticket. If you're playing a way ticket, however, you'd mark off the same 10 numbers and then divide them into groups, forming different combinations (and ways to win). For example, you could divide them into one group that's 1, 2, 3, and 4; another group that's 3, 4, 5, and 6, and another that's 6, 7, 8, and 9. You get to overlap numbers (re-use them) this way, something you can't do on a straight ticket. You're using the same numbers that you would on a straight ticket but you are in effect getting more mileage out of them, by combining them onto one ticket.

Once you've mastered the way ticket, you can try your hand at a combination ticket, which is essentially a way ticket and a straight ticket on the same ticket. Incidentally, one of the great things about online keno is that at any site that offers keno you will also find illustrated and clear-cut guides to all the available types of tickets, taking a lot of the guesswork out of filling them out. This way, the only guesses you have to make are about the numbers you choose and not about where to put them or how to fill out the ticket.

Finally, there is a version of a way ticket called a King ticket. In this type of ticket, you "crown" a particular number King and then that number is used with every group of numbers you choose. Kings rule if you have a particularly favorite or lucky number and you want it to be used over and over again. If all this sounds confusing, it's not, but the fact that way, combination and King tickets are even at all baffling is the reason that the straight ticket is the Number One choice of most keno players. The straight ticket is what keno is all about - easy, fast gaming.