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Super Keno for Super Players

Power Keno was invented by the Australians. It gives "power" to the twentieth number called which, if it matches one of the player's numbers, quadruples his winnings. Probably the U.S. Keno players didn't want to be outdone by the Aussies, so they came up with Super Keno. In Super Keno the "super" is on the first number called.

Playing Super Keno

Playing Super Keno is just like playing regular Keno with an added attraction. We have the same keno board numbered one to eighty. The player can pick up to fifteen numbers to play. He decides how much money he wants to bet. The computerized random numbers generator "spits" out twenty numbers, and the player waits to see if any of his picks match the numbers called. If he has any "hits" (matching numbers) he is paid out according to the payout schedule of the game.

However - and here is the added attraction - if the player matches the first number that was called, any of his winnings are quadrupled. In other words, if eleven of his numbers "hit", and he has won $300, and one of his numbers matches the first number called, his winnings are $300 x 4 = $1,200. That's what make Super Keno one of the most exciting of all the keno games.

Super Keno is a special game. You won't find it everywhere. But if you're lucky enough to find one of the keno casinos that offers Super Keno, take advantage of the opportunity to win a quadruple keno jackpot.

A Few Things to Remember Before Playing Super Keno

A player going into a Keno game should first be sure that he is acquainted with the game. Even though Keno is based on pure luck and no one can foresee or predict what numbers will be called, it pays to check the payout table to see whether one should play the maximum amount of numbers or just a few.

Sometimes, if the player wants his bankroll to last for a longer time, it is worth his while to go for the smaller payouts instead of spending a lot of money to try for the jackpot. The jackpot, of course, is paid when the maximum number of picks (usually fifteen) matches all the numbers that come up on the board. The chances for that happening are remote indeed!

The main thing, whether you are playing Super Keno or regular online keno, is to have fun and enjoy playing this ancient yet modern game of chance.