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Keno Variations

Those of you who think that the game of Keno is just like a lottery or Bingo - pick your numbers and wait to see if they come up - haven't met the many faces or variations of Keno.

Standard Keno in a Casino

The Keno game that most players know is usually played in the Keno lounge of casinos. There is a big Keno board displaying numbers from one to eighty. There is a big, clear drum or basket filled with balls, each one carrying a number. Players are given Keno paper tickets and crayons. They pick the numbers they hope will be drawn, decide on how much money they want to bet, and then wait for the spin of the drum and the winning numbers to show. Players are normally allowed to select up to fifteen numbers, and the drum "spits" out twenty. Payouts are made in accordance with the number of matches a player has made, and according to a payout schedule which is always posted by the casino.

This is the standard Keno game, but check out the loads of Keno variations below.

Online Keno

Online Keno, or Internet Keno, is played on the computer. It closely resembles the standard casino keno: The same Keno board, the same numbers 1 to 80. But the approach is different. There are no papers and no crayons. The player uses his mouse to select his numbers and to designate the amount of money he wishes to bet. When he clicks on the "Play" button, the computer randomly generates the winning numbers. If any of the player's picks match, the numbers light up, and his winnings are displayed.

The biggest advantage of Online Keno over casino Keno is that the house advantage is much lower online, and the player has more opportunity to win.

Power Keno

Power Keno is a Keno variation that started in Australia. It is played the same way as standard Keno with one added attraction: The "Power" is based on the twentieth number drawn. If any of the player's picks match the twentieth number, his winnings are quadrupled. That's a really great way to enhance the Keno game.

Super Keno

Super Keno is actually just a copy of Power Keno. The difference is in which number is the "Super". In Power Keno the focus is on the twentieth number called. In Super Keno the focus is on the first number. If any of the player's selected numbers matches the first number generated by the computer, then the player's winnings are quadrupled.

Way Keno or Combination Keno

The object in this Keno variation is for the player to select groups of different numbers - all with the same amount of numbers. For example, a player can select three different groups, with six numbers in each group. This creates more than one way to win. Conventional wisdom says that the player has a higher percentage of "hits" with this Keno version if he also wagers the maximum betting amount.

Video Keno

Video Keno is a solo, play-it-alone, game. It looks very much like a slots game, and for those gamblers who enjoy playing slots, it makes for a nice change. With today's enhanced computer graphics and sounds, Video Keno gives the player the feeling that he is in a real casino environment although he is playing by himself.

Try Internet Keno

For all you gamblers who enjoy Keno, you will find a whole new world if you try all these Keno variations.